Tres Leches Cake

DSC_0249Second post in two months- that’s a better rate than one per year, right? I don’t even know where I find the time… oh right, unemployment. Bad news for my bank account, good news for people who like cake. Especially when the 49ers come to town to play Big Blue. [FYI that’s the New York Giants] Let me explain: my dad and I are part of a very large tailgate group that does a very large production every time the Giants have a home game, most notably that the menu is always themed on the visiting team’s cuisine. Example: a couple of years ago, when the New Orleans Saints came to play, we did po boys and a big seafood boil. Does that make sense? It doesn’t matter- the point is, the Bay area is known well for Mexican food, ergo I made a well known “Mexican” dessert (there’s a dispute over where exactly in Central American it originated, and I don’t feel like getting yelled at by the internet, hence the quotes). Now I remember why I don’t write that often.Read More »

Apricot Thyme Sorbet

Apricot Thyme SorbetOh hey. Yeah, it’s been a while. Like, a year and a half kind of while. I could wax on about what’s been going on, but really it’s the same as before- I’m terrible at keeping this up regularly, life has been weird/busy, etc. Ultimately, though, I’d have to blame it on me being too lazy to just clear off the counter when I’m cooking/baking to take a nice photograph, even though it’s really not that hard. Or that I seldom plan my recipes in advance, so things like bad lighting or running out of ingredients mid-shoot happen. As I’ve said, this is not my forte.Read More »

Recovering From a Bad Date + Crack Pie Bars

Crack Pie Bars
If you haven’t heard of it before, Crack Pie is a dessert made by Christina Tosi of Momofuku Milk Bar, and as its name suggests, it’s pretty addictive. Similar to a chess pie, there aren’t any special ingredients in it, but there’s a reason it’s got a cult following- it is insanely tasty and transcends the buttery goodness of most baked goods. [Small tangent/rant: If there was ever an acceptable instance in which to use the god-awful term “nom” that has become all but expected in food blogs, this would be it. That said, it’s still not ok to use, people.] I can’t get through a slice in less than two separate sittings (which is for the best, since it’s $5 a pop), especially now that I know exactly how indulgent it is. If you read the ingredient list, you’ll know what I mean, but don’t let it deter you- a little slice isn’t that bad.Read More »

Let’s Get This Party Started + Blood Orange Sorbet

Blood OrangesFirst post on the new site! Woo hoo!

Confession: This is a revised post from my old blog. I figured as I begin the process of setting up this new site, I ought to transfer some of the old recipes that I don’t want to lose. Also, I’m lazy. It’s been quite fun to re-read what I wrote at the time, which was in my final months of college, as I was preparing to graduate. In other words, I started blogging more because that was less scary than applying for jobs.Read More »

Candied Cranberries

DSC_0093Pretty, right? Well, spoiler alert: that’s pretty much all there is to it, at least in my opinion. I’ll start by conceding that while I am a huge fan of cranberry flavor, I don’t care to eat them on their own. This may or may not stem back to the first time I tried one, which was in my college counselor’s office in junior year of high school. As anyone who’s older than 16 knows, that time is stressful enough, let alone during a conversation about terrifying things like admissions essays and SAT scores. So to be offered a “candy”, only to be shocked by something even more sour than a warhead (yes, that is indeed a very dated reference), may have turned me against them. I know, how traumatic. Read More »

Aaaand We’re Back! + Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

UntitledSo it’s been nearly a year since I’ve posted here, and sadly, it’s not because I haven’t had time to- I haven’t had time to bake at all. Since the pumpkin scones, my life essentially turned upside-down, but in a good way. I started working a full-time job, moved out into my “own”  (obviously I have a roommate) apartment, and basically all that stuff that happens after college. It’s been crazy and hectic and great, but unfortunately my newfound life has come at the cost of not having time to cook. Or rather, time to cook vs time to drink, and since I’m 22, you can probably guess which one won out…Read More »

Gone, but not forgotten!

To anyone who stiill visits this site,

It’s obviously been quite a while since the last post (nearly six months? eek!) and while I haven’t been able to post about it, I’ve been cooking and baking a ton. Okay, maybe not a ton, but a decent amount!

The point is, I’m working on updating this blog, both in adding content and maybe a little spring cleaning, so stay tuned!

And if my empty promises are perhaps not convincing enough alone, let’s just say some of the items recently coming out of my kitchen have been cinnamon chocolate-ganache macarons, lemon ice cream and cappuccino brownies…