Hey there,40186_1439080581930_8054355_n

My name is Zoë, and as this blog’s name suggests, I love to cook/bake and I hate wearing pants (aka trousers, for you UK/international readers). Or at least I did when that photo was taken, but I’d like to think I’ve evolved a bit.

Briefly, I’m one of many twenty-somethings living in Brooklyn. Additional cliches include owning far too many mason jars, trying to DIY everything, and having a liberal arts degree I haven’t quite figured out what to do with yet.

As a self-taught cook and baker, my goal is always to create delicious things on a reasonable budget and time frame. Granted, I own more bakeware than the average twenty-something, but most of the time I behave like one, meaning I usually don’t have a ton of free time, deal with hangovers frequently, and am never that far away from giving up on a meal and eating Easy-Mac ordering seamless. So my hope is that the recipes here don’t seem too daunting to anyone, because no one taught me, and that worked out just fine. Oh, and that cooking while drunk is a skill.

Other things:

  • Although my culinary knowledge/experience has been informal, the photography is not. I’ve studied/worked in it for 16 years, and half of my BA is in photography/studio art (the other is in politics…don’t ask). So on that front, I at least know a thing or two. Since September 2015, I’ve used a Canon 5D Mark II, and prior to that a Nikon D40.
  • Going off that, I have a separate website for my professional photography that you can check out here. It also includes contact information for hiring me to shoot events/portraits/locations/etc.
  • Like one (or maybe more) of the recipes on this site? Awesome! Want to use it on your own website/tumblr/other internet source? Cool, but please only use one photo (with proper credit) and cite the recipe (that includes linking it back to the page) accordingly. If you’re interested in more than one, please contact me for permission.


May 2016 Update: As mentioned here, as well the widget on the sidebar, I’m now a contributor for Nom, in which I’ll be posting photos and recipes (some will be from here, others new content) and creating short videos of cooking and techniques. You can check out my Nom channel here.

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