Everyday Struggles + Raspberry Rhubarb Grunt

Raspberry Rhubarb GruntAh, this dish. This dish is really good. Like, REALLY good. It makes for a nice, everyday kind of dessert- simple, unfussy and extremely quick to make. I’ve been making a strawberry version of it for years, and was quick to try this one out when I spotted it back in June (though obviously not quick to write about it). Rhubarb StalksNom I would unequivocally endorse this dish, and insist people make it right away, if it weren’t for the small detail that rhubarb isn’t really in season anymore. Despite my search effort, it’s nowhere to be found, and that is extremely disappointing. For a vegetable (that’s right, it’s not a fruit) that seems destined to be paired with peak season summer berries, there is a very very very small window in which both of those entities are in season at the same time. And despite knowing this, I failed to do what I promised myself, which was to buy lots of rhubarb the second I got home, chop it up and freeze it until needed. Because that is what a (relatively) normal person would do, right?


But sadly, I failed at that, and now all I can do now is sheepishly say it was really delicious with cream, or yogurt the next morning, and that it would probably work with all raspberries or any other berry, and that it’s still worth it.


  • If you do try this out with anything other than rhubarb, adjust the sugar accordingly- rhubarb is very tart and needs way more sugar to mellow it than any kind of berry, let alone a peak-season one
  • Adding on to that, I would consider skipping the ginger for an extra squeeze of lemon juice if you were to go the strawberry or blueberry route
  • This will keep, refrigerated, for a couple of days, but I find the dumplings harden and dry out a bit too much for my liking by the following day, so I really recommend you make this right before you serve it. Nothing is better than this when it’s fresh


Raspberry Rhubarb Grunt

loosely adapted from The Martha Stewart Show

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

3/4 cup all-purpose flour

3/4 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

1/3 cup whole milk, room temperature

2 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted

4 cups raspberries (about 1 1/2 pints)

1 pound rhubarb, leaves discarded, stalks cut into 1/2-inch pieces

3/4 cup packed light brown sugar

2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Heavy cream, for drizzling

  1. Gently fold together raspberries, rhubarb, lemon juice, brown sugar, pinch of salt, cinnamon, and 2 tablespoons water in a medium saucepan. Cover and bring to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally.
  2. While the fruit is cooking, whisk together flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, pinch of salt, and ginger in a medium bowl. Stir together milk and butter in another small bowl. Stir milk-butter mixture into flour mixture and set batter aside.
  3. Using two spoons or an ice cream scoop, drop 4 large dollops of batter on top of fruit mixture, spacing them evenly. Cover; reduce heat to medium-low. Cook until batter is cooked through and juices are bubbling, about 10 minutes. Serve warm drizzled with cream.

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