Spring Syrup Recipe on Nom!

IMG_2768Hi all! If the title of this post wasn’t clear, this is to promote my first Nom-exclusive recipe, Strawberry Rhubarb Basil Syrup (no, I couldn’t come up with something shorter). As of now I haven’t worked out how to automatically sync my Nom posts on here (aside from the link in the menu on the right), so until then you’ll just have to put up with me promoting it here.

Apologies / Enjoy


Recent Work + News

IMG_9604So yeah, it’s March May now. [Like most posts on the site, this is belated] That’s weird. To the point where I’m still not fully used to writing down 2016  in my notebooks. Plural. Yes, because despite the fact that computers and the internet have all but replaced traditional journals/diaries, newspapers, calendars, etc, I still still do that arcane thing where I hold a pen over a piece of paper and write down crazy things like appointments and to-do lists. I don’t want to scare anyone, but sometimes I even write down texts or emails and then MAIL them to people. In an envelope. With a stamp. [To be fair, currently my stamps are Harry Potter themed, so who wouldn’t feel like a baller sending those out?]Read More »

Strawberry Rhubarb Oat Bars

DSC_0714Fine spring, you win- I will embrace you with somewhat open arms, but only to grab as much rhubarb as I can carry. Short of lilacs, rhubarb is probably my favorite thing about this season. As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of warm weather, so while most people flock to the nearest park the second the temperature hits 70, I’m mourning the loss of bulky sweaters and the low energy bills.Read More »

Kouign Amann

IMG_0646Before I say anything else, I feel that I must caution anyone who is curious about making/working with laminated dough: Making these once will not be enough. You will become obsessed with the insanity that is laminated dough; its various forms, iterations and uses. Frozen puff pastry from a store? Pfft. Buying your croissants from the bakery? Nope, nothing, and I really mean nothing, will compare. Despite all this, I’m still posting this recipe (one of my most intricate, no less) because a) I think it’s worth arguing that making laminated dough is totally possible in a home kitchen. Oh, and b), these things are just. Too. Damn. Good.Read More »

Happy National ∏ Day

IMG_6187Yes, this is completely cliched to post about pie on National ∏ Day, but every year I never remember to actually do this in advance. Until this year, that is. I had planned a lovely strawberry rhubarb pie recipe to share today, and not just because the weather here in New York has everyone itching for it to be officially spring. Though I will admit it has put rhubarb on my mind, mostly I picked this recipe because it is easily my favorite fruit pie. The photos and recipe may be lacking (for the time being), but now that I’ve caught the bug, I can promise there will be a whole lot more of this in the BWP kitchen real soon.

Until then, enjoy!

New Content!

Hey guys! See that new page in the menu? The one that says PLANTS in big letters? Well guess what- it’s a page for plants/gardening, my other obsession. Full disclosure: I’m still working out the kinks of separating the posts, but starting now the page will be filled with images of plants (mostly succulents) that I grow/collect, and eventually posts about growing and propagation, which I’ve been doing for a few years now. In the meantime, here’s a sample of what’s to come:

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Meyer Lemon Curd

IMG_9597To the best of my knowledge, most food/cooking blogs wait until January to start featuring citrus dishes, presumably for three main reasons. The first would be that for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the general citrus season is during the winter, even one as unseasonably warm as this year. Second, they’re busy in December focusing on all the festive desserts and rich dishes that occupy the holiday season. Lastly, after all of the aforementioned holiday indulgence, many people seek to atone by pulling a 180 and eating super healthy and going to the gym all the time. Or so I’ve heard.Read More »

Rainbow Carrot Cake

IMG_9125As much as I adore pumpkin loaf, or even pumpkin ice cream, I always find myself reluctant to start using it once the first day of fall hits and pumpkin-spice everything takes over. Which is weird (to me, at least) because as far as ingredients go, pumpkin puree is amazing- it’s moist, requires far less butter or oil than normal baked goods, and you can keep it in your pantry for years (well, 2-ish) without it going bad.Read More »